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Are men drawn to your Lips?

What do Angelina Jolie, Mick Jagger, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe have in common? Expressive lips. These celebrities aren’t only famous because of their talents — they also have the lips that are the envy of many. The lips are very attractive parts of a person’s face. Be it man or woman, expressive, kissable lips boost a person’s appeal and are a sign of good health and wellness.   But many of us are prone to very common lip problems that are difficult to get rid of. Just some of these problems are:

  • Dryness
  • Chapping
  • Cracking
  • Swelling


dry lips

Not only are these painful but can be a source of embarrassment too. People are naturally drawn to another person’s lips, thus these ugly flaws can easily be seen by others, probably changing their impression of us.   Bad lip habits   To keep your lips always soft, kissable and looking healthy, you must learn to identify and keep away from bad lip habits. Here are some lip care don’ts and how to fix them:

  • Don’t bite or chew your lips. Biting or chewing the lips can break the skin, creating painful cracks and wounds. Injuries usually heal over time. Chronic lip biting can be the result of anxiety or stress.


  • Peeling the lips. When the lips become dry and start to flake, people may have the tendency to peel off or pull the skin. This creates a painful, superficial wound. Some worsen this injury by continually or repeatedly touching the sore spot, creating swollen or inflamed lips.

Biting, chewing or peeling the lips can dry the lips further, turning the habit into a vicious, unbreakable cycle. Unfortunately, these often come natural to many; some aren’t aware they are doing it. The best treatment for lip biting, chewing and peeling is to be more conscious about them and completely stop doing them.   For lip biters, some dentists recommend using soft teeth splints to shield the lips from the teeth. But basically, control is crucial to keep from doing these bad lip habits.   Lip regimen   To totally drop the bad habits, it is important to pick up new habits and to stick to them. Here is what you should do in your daily lip care regimen to maintain healthy lips:   1. Wet a tissue with water   2. Tap the damp tissue on the lips   3. Apply the basic lip moisturiser petroleum jelly, which moistens and softens the lips   4. Press the lips together for up to 30 seconds so that the petroleum jelly gets spread and absorbed better   For women:   5. Apply a thin coat of your favorite lipstick   6. Kiss off excess with the back of your hand   7. Apply a thicker coat of lip gloss   To prevent dryness even at night, dab on a thick layer of lip moisturiser or petroleum jelly after brushing the teeth. Leave it overnight so that that the lips can absorb the moisturiser deeply.   Lip products   After learning what bad habits to look out for and the things we need to do daily to keep our lips healthy and kissable, it’s time to equip ourselves against dry lips: the number one culprit behind ugly lips. Here are just some new products you can try with your lips:

amazon Lavera - Sun Lip Balm SPF 15, £7.26/100 g

Lavera – Sun Lip Balm SPF 15, £7.26/100 g


Iavera’s Lip Balm is made of 100% natural ingredients that are perfect for sensitive, delicate lips. This product keeps drying at bay and offers great protection from harmful UV rays.

Amazon Australian Gold SPF 30 Lip Balm, £8.23/10 g

Australian Gold SPF 30 Lip Balm, £8.23/10 g


Herbal Therapy Lip Balm Sunscreen by Australian Gold is great for those who are constantly outdoors because of its powerful SPF 30 sun protection. Aloe vera also conditions and soothes dry lips.

Wild About Beauty Nutrilips Balm, £14.00/4g

Wild About Beauty Nutrilips Balm, £14.00/4g


Nutrilips uses an ultra-rich formula that leaves the lips hydrated, supple and nourished for longer. It comes in natural colours that will give the lips a natural finish.

Amazon Diego Dalla Palma Professional Lip Contour Cream, £23.50/15ml

Diego Dalla Palma Professional Lip Contour Cream, £23.50/15ml


Not only will this cream restore moisture and nourish the lips, it will also make it plump and softer, giving a pair of smooth, kissable lips.

Amazon Mon Épris Sweet Vanille Lip Beurre, £11.00/20ml

Mon Épris Sweet Vanille Lip Beurre, £11.00/20ml


Mon Épris makes use of jojoba wax and cocoa butter to make the lips more supple and smooth to the touch. Natural fragrance oils will also make you want to use it more!   What lip products do you use to keep your lips soft, smooth and kissable? Do you have other care tips in your regimen? Share your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below!



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