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Men’s Guide to Christmas Shopping

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The holiday season is the jolliest time of the year but can also be the most stressful for everyone, especially for men, who are not exactly the most seasoned shoppers. Shopping for gifts and groceries mean big crowds and heavy traffic, which can drive any man crazy. According to a recent study, carried out in the UK by Lands’ End Direct Merchants, 48% of men consider the stress brought by shopping worse than the stress of being dumped, losing their jobs, or moving home.


The study also reports that several factors can increase male shoppers’ stress levels. These include amblers getting in the way (86%), strolling around shops carrying heavy bags (90%), meeting rude shoppers and sales people (83%), screaming children (76%), queue jumpers and line cutters (74%).


Christmas does not always have to be this way of course. You can enjoy a stress-free holiday shopping experience by following some smart tips and tricks.



Make a list. Write what you need to buy before even going to the mall. This saves you hours of searching for the right gift.



 Avoid the obvious busy days. Stay away from malls and bazaars on days when crowds are sure to visit them. Most importantly, avoid paydays. Most people are eager to spend their money for a few treats when they get their salary so be sure to avoid late night shopping during these days.


Shop in the morning. If you really want to avoid the crowds, shop in the morning right after the malls or boutiques open. Most of the people will still be at work, at home or in school by this time.


Select one or two retail shops where you know you will be able to find all the things you need already. Department stores are usually good bets.




Have your gifts wrapped by the store. Most stores will offer gift-wrapping services during the Christmas holiday. These services are often free of charge to accommodate their loyal customers. So save yourself the burden of having to wrap gifts and let others do it for you!


Shop online. Save yourself the hassle of traffic, parking your car, and endless strolling in shopping malls. Opt to shop online instead! Shopping online is convenient because you can purchase everything you want in just a matter of clicks.


Try catalogue shopping. Another option is to check out shop catalogues. Most shops will prepare a Christmas catalogue with all their seasonal items, sometimes at discounted prices too. You can read it, make a call, and order the items from your house. You can just say you will pick them up at a time that is most convenient for you. In other cases, shops can also deliver the ordered items to your home. Make sure to inquire about all your possible options.




Have a drink. Before you hit the shopping centres, have a glass of wine to loosen inhibitions. You might need a drink or two to calm your senses when faced with daring endeavors such as shopping.


Psyche yourself. Do not think of shopping as a chore. Think of selecting gifts for your loved ones as a way to show them you care. If you mentally prepare yourself about what shopping is and what to expect in the malls and bazaars, you will be prepared for all the possible annoying and stressful events that might arise.


Christmas shopping does not have to be stressful at all. Always remember that you just have to be smart about how and when you should shop if you want a good experience.



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