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Message in a bottle washes ashore after 20 years

by FFE Entertanment News staff

A letter written by a bored, 12-year-old British girl makes its way into the hands of a Norwegian couple strolling down the beach –20 years after it was thrown to sea.

Sokndal, Norway locals Johnny Kurt Håland and his wife were walking along the coast when they picked up a bottle carrying a letter.

‘My wife and I went for a walk a few weeks ago. We live on the south-west coast of Norway and like to go for walks along the coast. This day we went right out to the ocean to enjoy the day. Between some rocks we saw a bottle with something in it. It was a message in a bottle.’

The letter was faded after years of sailing through the North Sea, but most of it was readable. It said:

‘Dear friend. My name is Lucy Elliot and I am 12 years old.

I was born 1982 and I have brown thick wavy hair. Please write to me if you receive this letter.

I live in England, Coventry. I threw this letter out to sea from [unreadable]. The date today is the 19th September 1994.

My address is: Ferrers Close, Tile Hill North, Coventry. I have 2 cats, 1 brother. Please write back. From a bored 12 year old girl.’

Today, Lucy is 31 and has since moved to Northamptonshire. She told British newspaper Daily Mail that the letter was ‘sent’ while she was on holiday in Looe, Cornwall.

‘I can remember writing the letter like it was yesterday.

‘I had lost my bracelet and was pacing up and down the beach trying to find it. I got bored eventually so decided to write this message in a bottle and threw it into the sea. When I heard it had been found all the memories of that holiday came flooding back, it really makes you reflect on the past 20 years.

‘A lot has changed since then … but I still have the wavy brown hair.’

Lucy plans to return to Looe with her daughter Eden, 13, and son Archie, 8, to send their own message in a bottle.

‘Who knows, in 20 years’ time someone might find their messages and contact them.’



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