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Middle-aged lady single-handedly beats two male robbers in Austria

Middle-aged lady single-handedly beats two male robbers in Austria

Cuffed intruder asks forgiveness from tough woman.


Lonely women are usually tempting targets for robbers. Unfortunately for two criminals in Vienna, Austria, they picked the wrong lady to mess with.


A 46-year-old lady from Floridsdorf, Vienna woke up around 11am on Monday to suspicious sounds coming from the living room of her apartment. The woman managed to tiptoe her way out of her home as the intruder entered one of the rooms.


Once on the stairs, however, the lady came face-to-face with the robber’s accomplice. In a spurt of adrenaline, she punched the accomplice and scared him off, successfully making him flee. The lady then returned to her apartment for her keys and locked the unsuspecting intruder in. The woman called the police from a neighbour’s phone.


The 35-year-old intruder was arrested by the cops. The accomplice has not been found yet despite a helicopter search conducted by police.


Meanwhile, the cuffed man said they had a third accomplice who helped in the robbery. He confessed that they needed money, and has asked forgiveness from the woman.



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