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Miriam, Enrile wasting Senate’s time?

by FFE PH News staff




Miriam Defensor Santiago comes back to expose more dirt on Juan Ponce Enrile following his privilege speech where he called her a “bitter and obsessive hater”, but is the Senate floor the right place for the two senators to be mudslinging each other?


“King of a smuggling empire” and a “psychopathic hypersexualized serial womanizer.” These are just some of the not so savory monikers Santiago gave Enrile in her privilege speech in the Senate yesterday.


An angry Santiago lashed out on Enrile in retaliation to his privilege speech, in which he attacked Santiago for accusing him as the real mastermind in the pork barrel scam, involving the misuse of P10 billion worth of government funds.



Enrile denied the accusations and called them the “imaginings of a spiteful and bitterly hostile mind” and expressed puzzlement as to why Santiago is “so obsessive and bitter,” in his own privilege speech last 27 November.


Santiago, not contented with her accusations of Enrile being “most guilty” in the pork barrel scam during Senate probe of Janet Lim-Napoles, came back fighting.


“After his personal attacks against me, he expects that I shall be cowed to silence by his usual bluff and bluster. That is not going to happen,” Defensor said.  “No matter who devilish his power or fabulous his ill-gotten wealth, I refuse to be coerced by Enrile!”



Enrile playing Bejeweled on his tablet during Santiago’s privilege speech. Photo: The Philippine Daily Inquirer

Enrile, who was present during Santiago’s speech, decided to ignore Santiago’s tirade and chose to play Bejeweled, a tile-matching game, on his tablet instead.


Meanwhile Senator Serge Osmena said that Santiago and Enrile violated all bounds of parliamentary courtesy and should not be tolerated.


“If they want to hate each other that’s fine, but don’t bring it down to the level of debates on the Senate floor because it is discourteous to every member of the Senate. It’s discourteous to the Filipino people,” Osmena said. “This does not help the image of the Senate. This does not affect legislation.

Senators in the Philippines, whose duty is to enact laws, are officially paid P90,000 per month but according to Santiago herself, Senators get as much as P600,000- P5 million pesos by chairing and becoming members of committees.


Osmena added that he will take actions to delete their privilege speeches from the Senate records.


Do you agree with Osmena or are the actions of the two Senators reasonable?  



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