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Mommy D exemplifies Filipino Motherhood

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Dionisia Dapidran-Pacquiao, also known as Mommy D, shared her son’s spotlight during the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch yesterday for her surprising ringside antics caught on camera. But behind this is the image of a Filipino mother who is simply proud of having a humble but steadfast son like Manny Pacquiao.


Manny’s triumphs are also Mommy D’s victories, making her feel more like a Queen D. And Queen D was very candid about her worries during the fight and joy after the final bell rang.


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Mommy D caught on cam


Queen D’s social media flare yesterday was about a short clip that caught her saying something on her holy picture (estampita) and rosary while pointing a finger at the ring. The clip has gone viral since then, landing Manny’s mother on the Twitter’s worldwide trends.


However, it also shows how passionate she is about her son as she watches him slug it out with erstwhile undefeated champ Timothy Bradley. It also shows her strong conviction to her faith.


One other trait that makes her truly an inspiring mother is her forgiveness. Despite 12 rounds of punching her son to a pulp and giving him a big cut above the left eye, Timothy Bradley was comforted by a visibly happy Mommy D after the fight.


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Mommy D hugs Bradley in the ring


According to Mommy D, she approached Bradley in the ring and said ‘I’m sorry Bradley. Sport boxing lang ito.’ Bradley replied with ‘No problem, mama. No problem.’


Here’s what some netizens thought about Queen D’s reactions during the fight:


14apr queen d

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Manny’s amazing comeback in MGM Grand Las Vegas yesterday will be counted as yet another fantastic milestone in Queen D’s colourful life. If there’s one thing feisty Queen D also proved yesterday, it’s that Filipino mums will do whatever it takes for the sake of their children.


What can you say about Queen D’s reactions during and after Pacquiao-Bradley 2? Share your thoughts below!





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