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More wedding bells are tolling in Norway

by FFE EU News staff

The past years saw a consistent decrease in the number of marriages in Norway. But starting 2012, more Norwegians are finally popping the question.

Statistics Norway (SSB) revealed that there were 2,100 more contracted marriages in 2012, putting the number at 24,300. Figures for marriages dissolved by divorce and for separated couples were also slightly lower in 2012 compared to 2011.

The increase in contracted marriage did not seem to fall in any specific age group. Marriage rate for both men and women over age 25 increased in all age groups. The 2012 figure for marriage rate was highest for men and women within the 30-34 group. For men, the age groups which saw the highest increase in marriage rate were 30-34 and 50-54. For women, the groups with the highest rate were 30-34 and 40-44.

The average marrying age for first marriages among men was 34.1 years. For women, it was 31.3.

46% percent of marriages were held in the summer months June, July and August. The most popular day to get married was Midsummer’s Eve or June 23, which saw 829 contracted marriages. Wednesday, December 12 was the fourth most popular day to get married with 633 marriages.



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