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Movie Actress of the Year for Nora? It’s Possible

Superstar Nora Aunor will come face to face with fellow veteran actresses and younger stars for the title of Movie Actress of the Year in the upcoming 30th Star Awards for Movies by the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC).


Ate Guy top billed the award-winning 2013 CineFilipino entry ‘Ang Kwento ni Mabuti’ directed by Mes de Guzman. The story is about Mabuti, a grandmother and village healer who struggles with money as she supports her family of seven. Despite being impoverished, Mabuti seems content with her place in life, until one day she is given a bag containing millions of pesos.



The film won CineFilipino’s Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Picture last year. But ate Guy lost to 13-year-old novice actress Teri Malvar in the race for Best Actress. Will her nomination in PMPC’s Star Awards turn her luck around?


Nora, now 60, will be fighting it out with Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos (Ekstra), Rustica Carpio (Ano Ang Kulay Ng Mga Nakalimutang Pangarap?), Lorna Tolentino (Burgos), KC Concepcion (Shoot To Kill:  Boy Golden), Bea Alonzo and Angel Locsin (Four Sisters And A Wedding).


If fans will read film reviews of Ang Kwento ni Mabuti, it seems ate Guy has a good chance of winning best actress this coming 9 March. One review praised ate Guy’s subtle use of facial expressions to relay Mabuti’s inner state and conflicts. Another review called attention to the fact no other actor could have brought the level of maturity required of the character Mabuti as ate Guy did.


Movie Actress of the Year for Nora? It’s Possible

Movie Actress of the Year for Nora? It’s Possible


As for Nora, she had already mentioned that awards are secondary to her as an actress. In an interview asking for her reaction to her loss in CineFilipino’s Best Actress last year, she said ‘I’m aware that all the other lead actresses also delivered outstanding work in their respective entries so it was clearly anybody’s ball game.


‘It’s really like that. The jurors made their decision so, let’s just respect it.’


The humility of Nora shines through in this statement. Win or lose, she will still remain the Superstar fans continue to love and support.


Have you watched Ang Kwento Ni Mabuti? What did you think about ate Guy’s portrayal of Mabuti? Share your thoughts below!



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