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Is music the best Medicine?

Pharmacies in Salzburg, Austria are testing a unique type of medicine no other pharmacy in the world has tried: music.

Aside from medicines, pharmacies in the city are also selling pain therapy music CDs — music composed specially for people in pain.

The CDs are the brainchild of Günther Bernatzk of the University of Salzburg who monitored the effect of music to people in pain. His study showed that people exposed to music took fewer painkillers.

He said ‘We monitored people’s sleep quality. Between 60 and 70 per cent said their pain was reduced by up to 70 per cent in just a few weeks. People also reported they as a result took less pain killing medication sometimes up to 70 per cent less.’

Health insurer Salzburger Gebietskrankenkasse sees music therapy as a positive move in the city’s pharmacies.



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