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Music lovers can’t wait to ride this cab in Rome





Rome is a city known for its chaotic traffic rules and reckless drivers. Despite new interventions that try to control the wild traffic, stress could still not be avoided while on the road — that is unless you get to ride a taxi like Emanuele Della Seta’s.


Emanuele’s cab does not magically erase traffic. However, it has one secret weapon to drive the stress away: karaoke.


The cab is armed with a list of songs, from the latest upbeat hits like Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ to 60s classic bands like Kool & The Gang, allowing riders of all ages to sing their stress away.

Emanuele’s cab is also armed with a camera which he uses to film his adventures with passengers who are ready to belt out their favourites. The cab driver only films passengers who are willing to have their performances captured.



But that’s not all, Emanuele also uploads the best performances on his YouTube channel ilduca40, with the consent of the singers of course.


If you’re visiting Rome anytime soon, be on the lookout for Emanuele’s cab to get a unique driving experience of the Eternal City.





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