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National Symbols of the Philippines

Symbols can represent ideas, beliefs, practices, and even physical entities. What makes them so powerful is that they can communicate or convey meaning to all of us through these representations. In the Philippines, you would be pleased to know that everyday objects may actually represent a visage of the Filipino culture – our ideals, beliefs, and character. Many of these items have been recognized as national symbols to inspire and educate people around the world of what the country stands for. Here is a list of the Philippines’ national symbols.

  • Pambansang Awit: Lupang Hinirang (Land of the Morning).
  • National Anthem: Lupang Hinirang

Pambansang Ibon: Agila ng Pilipinas
National Bird: Philippine Eagle


  • Pambansang Hayop: Kalabaw
  • National Animal: Carabao

Pambansang Isda: Bangus

National Fish: Milkfish


Pambansang Pagkain: Litson
National Dish: Lechon


Pambansang Tirahan: Bahay Kubo
National House: Nipa Hut

  • Pambansang Sayaw: cariñosa
  • National Dance: cariñosa


Pambansang Kasuotan Para sa Mga Lalaki: Barong Tagalog
National Costume for Men: Barong Tagalog

  • Pambansang Kasuotan Para sa Mga Babae: Baro't Saya 
  • National Costume for Women: Baro't Saya


  • Pambansang Laro: Arnis
  • National Sport/Game: Arnis


  • Pambansang Bayani: Dr. Jose Rizal
  • National Hero: Dr. Jose Rizal


  • Pambansang Bulaklak: Sampaguita
  • National Flower: Sampaguita

  • Pambansang Puno: Narra
  • National Tree: Narra


Pambansang Prutas: Mangga
National Fruit: Mango


Pambansang Dahon: Anahaw
National Leaf: Anahaw