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New app makes paper letter-writing Easier

By FFE EU News Staff

The generation gap between those who use paper letters to correspond and ‘digital natives’ who rely on technology to communicate is now being closed by a new, popular app.


Mr Postman lets smartphone users write and send their letters using an iPhone or iPad. The new app gets rid of the need for people to write their letters in longhand and head down to the letterbox to post them.

Once the user sends the typed letter (a signature can be added by tracing the screen with the finger), it is printed out on a 100 gsm white A4 paper and sent to the receiver. The user will be alerted once the letter enters the UK postal system. The letters are priced at 98p for second class and £1.40 for first class, and the modern letter writers pay for their letters through PayPal.

According to app developer Propeller Mobile ‘The app is proving really popular with consumers who want to cut through the noise of today’s digital world with “old school” paper letter correspondence and lots of people have been using it to send messages to parents and grandparents — we’ve even had a few children using the app to send present wish lists to Father Christmas.’

Aside from standard letters, Mr Postman has templates for businesses letters. The ‘Letter History’ feature also allows the users to see previous letters.

Mr Postman can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store.



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