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The new Billy Holiday is an 8yr old Norwegian girl



If you listen to her with eyes closed you definitely will think its Billie Holiday singing. But no its not, it is an 8 year old Norwegian girl who won the 2014 Norway’s Got Talent, and her name is Angelina Jordan Astar.


Last 23 May she bested other contested who all paled in comparison to her spellbinding rendition of Billy Holiday’s Summertime. She gathered 46 per cent of the votes and is the youngest to ever win the competition. With tears streaming down her cheeks she thanked everybody who voted for her and her grandmother.


Angelina is not your usual 8 year old girl. Aside from her incredible voice she plays the guitar and the piano and when she sings it’s as if she really feels the pain of the song that she is singing.


One thing that one would immediately notice when Angelina is performing, apart from her voice, is that she sings without shoes on.  She explains and relates that it is in remembrance of a girl, a street vendor she once met somewhere outside Norway. This girl commented that Angelina’s shoes were very nice. She then asked the girl if she wanted them and gave them to the her. Angelina further relates that she asked the girl what was her dream, and the girl answered that she would like to be a doctor, but she cannot because she is poor. Angelina then advised her not to give up on her dream. The girl in turn said that she would always pray for her and that Angelina should always remember her. So in remembrance of this girl she sings without shoes. Definitely not the usual girl her age.


Watch and listen to Angelina in the following performance and be prepared to be dazzled and enthralled by each song.





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