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New Year marks Aquino’s ‘last two minutes’ in the Presidency

by PH News Staff



Like the last two minutes of a basketball game, the Aquino administration has vowed to make good during the home stretch.


In his New Year’s message, President Aquino vowed to double efforts to eradicate corruption, create more reforms, induce growth and achieve peace in Mindanao in 2014:


‘We are about to enter a New Year. If this were a basketball game, it would be the crucial last two minutes. We have no time to waste. Each achievement we make will be a victory for Filipinos in our struggle toward progress.’


The Aquino administration has so far claimed headway versus corruption as it claims justice against those who misuse the PDAF or pork barrel funds. This and the government’s anti-corruption campaigns have helped boost the Philippines’ reputation among international creditors, said the president.


In the past 3 years, the Philippines has improved its ranking in the Transparency International Corruption Index, jumping from 134 in 2010 to 105 in 2013. The country is also a leading economy Southeast Asia thanks to high GDP growth rate.


The signing of the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement with the Moro Islamic Federation Front is also a positive step towards peace in Mindanao.


Despite the criticism his administration received in the past year, including misuse of the presidential lump sum funds and the government’s action during the post-Yolanda relief drive, Aquino remained optimistic, saying ‘As a nation with a collective vision, we have proven ourselves despite the challenges that came our way this year.’



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