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New Year’s Resolutions for a better you


2014 resolution

Everyone should be thankful that another year is upon us. Having another year means having another opportunity to improve ourselves and encourage those around us to make the necessary changes as well.


Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions you should make for a happier, healthier, and better you!


Woman Drinking Green Tea

Drink green tea every morning. Weight loss and diet resolutions often fail even before hitting the midyear mark because they are vague. Losing weight is a healthy goal but you have to focus on feasible steps in achieving this. Drinking green tea every morning is a good first step in your weight loss regimen. Green tea contains natural antioxidants that help mobilize your metabolism and burn fat in the body.  Make it a habit to drink in the morning, as it breaks the body’s fasting process and jumpstarts the metabolism.
Play Sudoku. If you think that playing number games, as well as any word games (crossword puzzles, text twist, etc.) are just for children – you are highly mistaken! Studies have shown that playing Sudoku stimulates the mind, improves memory, and may delay the effects of aging! Make it your resolution to answer one every day or every other day. You might think that it is difficult or time-consuming at first, but once you keep practicing you will be a lot faster and smarter in no time. In addition, it is actually fun!
Reconnect with friends. Studies show that those with stronger social ties live longer than those who do not. You do not have to be such a social butterfly jumping from one party to another, but leaving your old friend a message could occasionally do you some good. Especially now that various social media are available, why not try to revive past friendships or keep in touch.



Pay in cash. During this year’s grand sales, start leaving your credit card at home or chucking it in the freezer until it hardens so you would not be tempted to use it. Better yet, try paying in cash every time you purchase something. Paying in cash allows you to control your spending habits and monitor your expenses. Ultimately, you get to save morebecause you are spending less.
Volunteer. Find an organization that is close to your heart or shares the same interest as you. Join, volunteer, and actively participate in their programs and activities. In doing so, you are not only serving the public but you are also improving your physical and mental health. Peter Kanaris, PhD, coordinator of public education for the New York State Psychological Association said that our happiness also increases when we help others. Do not forget, happier people are less likely to have a heart attack or develop heart diseases!
Get proper sleep. For this year at least, try breathing in and out then getting enough sleep when stressed. Do not let stress kill you. Proper sleep can promote better learning, memory, and health. It also reduces the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.



Travel. Travel does not have to be expensive or very far. Travel can mean visiting local areas in your city or town that you have not been to before. Take a break once a month to travel to a nearby destination and you will see positive effects on your mind and body. This is because traveling exposes us to a change of scenery. It also helps us learn and discover more about our surroundings, and breaks the monotony of our daily routines.
Enroll in a language course. Most people promise to take up a new hobby or sport during New Year. Why not learn a new language instead! However, do not just promise to learn a new language, do try to enroll yourself in an affordable language class Although studying on your own can be as effective, also cheaper, there are higher risks to get lazy and stop on your own. Language classes give you the extra push to attend class, study, participate and interact with other students. Learning a new language can help you communicate with different people all over the world, increase your career prospects, as well make you feel more confident about yourself.
Switch to e-cigarettes. If you intend to stop smoking this year, try switching to e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. These devices have been popular over the years and are continually converting many smokers. This is a good transition device and keeps cravings low until they eventually subside. Although these have not yet been approved by local and international food and drug administrations, severe or harmful cases have not yet been reported.




Kiss. Kissing connects people both physically and emotionally because it embodies multiple emotions such as love, care, affection, thoughtfulness, and romance. This New Year make it habit not to just kiss your partners but also your families, especially your parents, when they arrive home or as they leave the house everyday. This simple act of love will definitely make your 2014 more fulfilling!



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