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News Year’s LUCKY FOOD!

My grandfather always said that there were many ways to get to know a culture. One way is through customaries and folk beliefs, which we have a lot of especially during New Year’s Eve and New Year. Many of these customaries involve foods that are believed to bring in luck, prosperity, and long life in the upcoming year.

I have prepared three of my family’s recipes for good luck and fortune for you to try. They are super easy recipes so go ahead and start prepping! You will never know, you might get lucky this 2013!


Wishing you a happy 2013,

Tita Kathy


Filipinos often serve and eat pancit (long noodles) during New Year’s Eve and New Year. We believe that eating long noodles guarantee a long life ahead. Though this custom originally came from the Chinese, many of us have reinvented the tradition and replaced pancit with western alternatives such as spaghetti and other kinds of long noodles.

As much as I like pasta though, pancit always does it for me!


Pancit Canton





Filipinos believe that eating delicacies made from sticky rice is believed to make good fortune stick as well!

Maja Blanca

Filipinos believe that preparing twelve round fruits on the table will bring good fortune as each fruit represents a month in the coming year. Roundness means monetary prosperity while the fruits mean abundance.

If having twelve different round fruits on your table is a bit troublesome to collect, I suggest eating a bowl of 12 red grapes as an alternative.



Fruit Bowls



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