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No-build zones marked by DENR

by FFE PH News Staff




As focus turns to reconstruction efforts for the areas affected by typhoon Yolanda, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has started installing temporary no-build zone markers from Palo, Leyte to Tacloban City. As of Tuesday, 20% of the 20m easement marker has already been installed while 40% of the 40m easement is in place.


The department plans to finish installing the markers by today.


The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has been tasked to install the permanent markers all throughout Eastern Visayas. Cabinet officials who are concerned with the no-build zone are scheduled to finalise the measurement of the zone by this week.


Meanwhile, Vinod Thomas, an independent evaluator for the Asian Development Bank, emphasised the need for reconstruction efforts in Tacloban City to be different because of topographic features that make it vulnerable to storm surges and sea level rise.


He said the government should ‘Rebuild in a sense that it would put people out of harm’s way.’ The ADB warned against the construction of buildings within the 40m line, and advised the government to immediately build stronger evacuation centres patterned from those built after the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia.


Some structural designs that can be applied to storm surge-prone areas include higher level buildings with open floor spaces in the lower levels to accommodate animals, the use of v-shaped poles under houses to stabilise them against surging waters and the replacement of galvanised metal as roofing material.


The ADB added that the government should also be ready to consider relocating cities and communities away from shores. This idea was supported by the World Wildlife Fund-Philippines. However, the government should also consider other hazards like landslides and flooding before choosing a place to relocate the residents.



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