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No e-cigarette regulation in EU

by FFE EU News staff

The European Parliament in Brussels rejected a bill that classifies e-cigarette as a medicinal product.

The bill would have limited the sales of e-cigarette to pharmacies. As it is, e-cigarettes will remain available in tobacco shops or specialist stores. However, sales to minors are still prohibited by law.

In the same move, the Parliament approved a divisive anti-smoking bill that aimed to make cigarettes less attractive to minors.

Tobacco companies and health groups have been caught in a lobbying tug-of-war for the proposal, which resulted in a watered-down bill that will take effect after 2017.

EU Health Commissioner Toni Borg.

The bill proposed new rules on labelling, including sizes of health warnings and logos. EU’s Health Commissioner Toni Borg said the aim of the bill is to cut the number of smokers, especially among the youth.

He urged members of the European Parliament to support the ambition ‘to make tobacco products and smoking less attractive and thus discourage tobacco initiation among young people.’



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