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No more daytime driving without lights in Switzerland

by FFE EU News Staff



To boost safety on roads, the Swiss department of transport has announced that they will require drivers to switch on their headlight or daytime running lights during the day. The measure will take effect on 1 January 2014.


All motor vehicles (except mopeds, electric bikes, bicycles and farm vehicles) are covered by the new policy that is part of the department’s ‘Via Secura’ policy that aims to improve the safety of roads. By keeping lights on, accidents will be reduced and vehicles will be more visible.


By the time this is implemented, Switzerland will join the ranks of other European countries that already oblige drivers to switch on their lights at day time, including Iceland and Scandinavian countries.


Cars that have been built before 1970 are exempted from the rule. However, they can be retrofitted with daytime running lights or headlights that automatically switch on whenever the car is started.


Swiss motorists’ group Touring Club Schweiz is campaigning to remind Swiss of this new rule. They also remind drivers that they have a choice between using headlights or daytime running lights, emphasising that the latter consumes less energy when used.





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