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Nobel Prize awarded to wacky physics find

by FFE EU News staff

Scientists at the University of Milan have proven that it is possible for people to walk on water – if the water and the people were on the moon.

Professor of physiology Alberto Minetti and his colleagues won the IG Nobel Prize for physics on Thursday for their discovery. The annual awards celebrate imaginative and funny research in science, technology and medicine.

The prize organiser Marc Abrahams said that in order for the scientists to test their experiment, they had to go through an “enormously goofy kind of slapstick engineering” where a man with flippers was suspended above water in a giant baby bouncer.

The flippers were meant for the person to imitate the Basilisk lizard, which can run on water, while the bouncer was meant to adjust the person’s body weight. Though the experiment looked hilarious, the scientists were able to prove their point successfully.

In their conclusion, the scientists said that “a hydrodynamic model of lizards running on water can also be applied to humans, despite the enormous difference in body size and morphology.”



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