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For Nora Aunor, optimism is married to Success


8may nora aunor


Not everyone is aware that, despite the excitement and glamour, showbiz is one of the most difficult industries to join. This is because showbiz can be a hotbed of intrigues, chismis (rumours) and controversies if a celebrity is not being too careful about his or her affairs.


Superstar Nora Aunor is one of those whose showbiz life has been the subject of numerous intrigues. But what makes her different, indeed, what keeps her successful beyond any other Filipino celebrity today, is her ability to shrug off the chismis and carry on.


Dyusko, sa edad kong ito, hindi na dapat [pinapansin] ‘yon!,’ Nora commented in an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (Pep). The veteran actress was responding to the question of whether or not she finds a new rumour about her insulting.


According to news collected by Pep, Nora has a debt to pay to young, A-list actor Coco Martin. Nora and Coco worked together in the film ‘Padre de Pamilya.’


Hindi ko na pinapansin ang mga intriga, bakit ko pa papansinin ‘yon?


Now that Nora is back and very active in the indie film scene, there have also been talks of a possible revival of her on-screen rivalry with fellow veteran actress and Batangas Governor Vilma Santos. Oftentimes the stars’ respective supporters, dubbed Noranians and Vilmanians, are quick to react and blame each other when bad news about their favourite celebrity spreads.


However, Nora sets a good example to the industry by merely seeing the ‘rivalry’ as something beneficial and not deconstructive to her as an actress. ‘Mas maganda sa industriya ‘yon,’ she commented after being asked the possibility of reviving the rivalry.


Despite having already proven her skills as an actress (there is clamour for her to be nominated as National Artist), Nora also shows one positive trait that makes her different from other celebrities: humility. Commenting on her recent and ongoing projects that involve young but promising stars, Nora said she is excited to still learn something from them.


Coming from a veteran actress, this is a surprising declaration considering the slew of awards Nora has already won local and abroad. However, this is the actress’ brand of optimism that allows her to remain one of the best in Philippine showbiz to date.


What can you say about Nora Aunor’s positive outlook in life? Share your thoughts below.





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