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Northern Europe braces for hurricane Xaver

by FFE EU News Staff


As hurricane ‘Xaver’ barrels through the Atlantic, a number of countries have released flood and gale warnings to prepare for possible damage in the region.


By Thursday, the hurricane is expected to bring damaging winds and storm tides to Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. The storm’s eye is expected to cross southern Sweden by Thursday night, bringing strong winds to the coasts of Poland, Lithuania and southern Sweden.


Residents are told to expect strong thunderstorms to accompany the hurricane, bringing damage rivalling that of October’s St Jude storm. Likewise, storm surge is expected to affect the coasts of Germany and Denmark, especially as storm tides remain high.


In the UK, coastal flood warnings have been released in Scotland, east England and north Wales as winds up to 80mph may form storm surges. The Environment Agency said that Northumberland to the Thames Estuary will be at risk.


Significant flooding is expected due to a combination of high tide, wind, large waves and tidal surge. Severe flood warning (with danger to life) has been raised in Sandwich Quay in Kent on Friday. The agency has released 30 flood warnings and 50 flood alerts so far.


Edinburgh, Lothians, Fife, Skye, Lochaber and Central in Scotland have been issued flood warnings by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. Five to 20cm snow is also expected to fall in northern Scotland on Thursday.


In Wales, storm surge at least 3ft high is expected. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) advise people to stay away from sea fronts and coastlines. Drivers are also told not to drive through floods unless aided by emergency services.


The places under Met Office’s amber ‘be prepared’ warning are found here. Travellers are advised to expect traffic conditions to worsen as some roads have already been closed due to high winds that threaten tall buildings. Disruptions in the rail system are also to be anticipated.


In Germany, weather experts are expecting winds of 111mph, making it one of the strongest to make landfall. German’s national railway has already advised the public to cancel all travels if possible. Airports have also issued warnings of possible delays and cancellations.


The storm is expected to intensify at Thursday noon. Frank Böttcher of the Institute for Weather and Climate Communication (IWK) said ‘In the north, we are expecting a very swift increase in wind speeds during this time.’


Snowfall is also expected by Thursday night. German weather service DWD is expecting ‘a high point on Thursday night and during the early morning hours of Friday in the eastern part of the country.’





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