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Norway penalty to keep youth in check

by FFE EU News staff

A new youth penalty system for Norwegian teens may be in place by 2014.
Justice minister Anders Anundsen has just announced his support for the new system that aims to punish repeat criminals who are 15-18 years old.
From 2005 to 2010, offending teens were sentenced to prison for offenses, but 100% of them ended up as repeat criminals. The former government imposed a revised youth penalty in 2011, but failed to implement it because of lack of funding for youth coordinators in the country’s 22 mediation offices.

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen
The new system seeks to replace prison sentence with strict social control and is meant to provide protection and rehabilitation for repeat offenders and those who committed serious crime. The minister said ‘This is a different way of looking at punishment. The purpose is to also help the teenagers to achieve a normal life with family, school and work.’
As of this month, majority of the daily average of 4 robberies in the capital has been committed by teens. Police reveal they often felt helpless when dealing with minors as they can’t simply be put into custody.
With the new system in place, the minister said ‘The goal is to get the offenders out of circulation. For the youngest, those between 15 and 18 years old, we want to introduce a separate youth penalty.’



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