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Norway: the Vikings are coming

By FFE EU News Staff




Viking feasts and battles will be held beside roller coaster rides in a planned theme park to be built in Norway.


Project coordinator Odd Erik Salvesen promised that ‘Nothing like this exists anywhere in the world. The project is unique.’


The 350m kroner ‘VikingLand’ is expected to draw 300,000 visitors a year starting 2014. American theme park design company Itec, which works for Disney, will commandeer the construction. The giant tree Yggdrasil from Norse mythology is the inspiration behind the project. The park will also be divided into three zones: Asgard, the kingdom of the gods; a nature-themed zone and a Viking village.


The site is yet to be announced. But investors are considering building near Haugesund airport to be more accessible to tourists. Some possible sites include the village of Fosen near the E39 road, the Nordvegen History Centre and the village of Avaldsnes where king Harald Fairhair, who united Norway, is believed to be buried.


VikingLand is being promoted by Vikinglandet Utvikling  joint venture and shipping magnate Kristian Eidesvik’s Caiano.



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