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Norwegian charity leaves boy shivering in the Cold

Norwegian charity leaves boy shivering in the Cold

11-year-old boy left to freeze in bus stop, but it’s more than you think.


Eleven-year-old Johannes Lønnestad Flaaten was left to shiver in a cold bus stop in Oslo’s St Hanshaugen park for two days. But there’s good reason behind it.


Johannes volunteered in a social experiment by charity group SOS Barnebyer (SOS Children’s villages) as they campaign to raise awareness and funds for children in Syria. The group wanted to see if Norwegians would make a spontaneous effort to help Johannes. They filmed the test that lasted for two days.


The group’s test turned out positively with Johannes reporting only three people did not help him out of dozens who came to the stop. He said ‘There were so many nice people. I thought maybe only three or four of them would give me their jacket altogether.


‘But there are many more who did it. Many more than those who are shown in the video.’


SOS Barbebyer Information Head Synne Rønning said ‘It’s a campaign to raise awareness of people in Syria. People should care as much about children in Syria as they care about this boy at the bus top. The situation in Syria is very harsh.’


The experiment is part of the charity group’s new fund raising campaign to provide blankets and shelter for displaced children in Syria:



Rønning clarified that Johannes wasn’t harmed during the whole shoot: ‘He’s an engaged 11-year-old boy, and his family are already sponsors of SOS Barnebyer.


‘The family have a big heart and they really wanted to contribute. He got a small salary for the job that he did for us, but he wanted to do it because of the situation for the children in Syria.’



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