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Norwegian mass murderer demands better PlayStation

by FFE EU News Staff


Norwegian mass murderer demands better PlayStation

Anders Breivik vows to go on hunger strike if prison ‘torture’ continues.


Norwegian mass murderer and right-wing extremist Anders Breivik has sent international news firm Agence France-Presse (AFP) a letter describing the ‘tortures’ he faces in prison and threatened to go on a hunger strike if his demands were not met.


Breivik, who killed 77 people in a rampage on 22 July 2011, decried how unfair conditions were for him at the Ila Detention and Security Prison, where he is serving a 21-year sentence. Enclosed with the letter to AFP was a list of his demands which he first sent to Ila Prison authorities November last year. Some of these are:

  • Replacement of his PlayStation 2 console to a PlayStation 3
  • Access to more adult games ‘that I get to choose myself’
  • A sofa or armchair to replace his ‘painful’ chair
  • Better conditions for his daily walk
  • Double his current standard weekly allowance (from 300 to 600 kroner)
  • End to daily physical searches
  • Access to a personal computer rather than a ‘worthless typewriter with technology dating back to 1873’


The 35-year-old convicted killer said ‘You’ve put me in hell … and I won’t manage to survive that long. You are killing me.’ He argued that his demands were well within the European rights legislation and that he had so far behaved in an ‘exemplary fashion’ in prison, entitling him to greater ‘selection of activities.’


Breivik threatened hunger strike and more right-wing violence if his demands were not met. He said ‘The hunger strike won’t end until the Minister of Justice (Anders) Anundsen and the head of the KDI (the Norwegian Correctional Services) stop treating me worse than an animal.’


His lawyer Tord Jordet added that since Breivik lodged a complaint for ‘aggravated torture’ in January 2013 and submitted his demands in November last year, conditions have ‘barely improved.’ Meanwhile, the Norwegian police said they will give a response to the prisoner’s demands this week.



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