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Do you often trust others? If yes, then you must be very Smart

Do you often trust others? If yes, then you must be very Smart

Research reveals link between intelligence and trust.


According to one saying, ‘learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.’


British researchers just revealed this saying to be true when they found out that the higher a person’s level of intelligence, the more likely he or she would trust others.


University of Oxford researchers used data from the American public opinion poll General Social Survey (GSS) to see how intelligence level and behaviours on trust were related. The intelligence levels of the pollsters were measured using a vocabulary test that assessed how they understood the survey questions.


The researchers found out that those who scored high on intelligence also showed greater instances of trusting other people compared to those who scored low on intelligence. The results were the same even when socio-economic conditions, marital status, income and education were taken into account.


Why is this so? The researchers explained that intelligent people have a better judge of character. This means they are likely to have relationships with trustworthy people.


It is popularly believed, through past research, that people who tend to trust have higher levels of health and happiness. Although the current study established a link between trust and intelligence, it could not establish any link between intelligence and health or intelligence and happiness.


The researchers concluded that ‘being a good judge of character is a distinct part of human intelligence’ developed through the process of evolution. They said that their findings could affect how social institutions, like financial markets and welfare systems, are viewed by the public.



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