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OFWs rescue typhoon Yolanda victims

by FFE PH News staff


Filipinos working abroad prove once again that they are heroes as they provide a direct lifeline to their families who have been affected by typhoon Yolanda.




Many residents of Tacloban have queued outside of money outlets in the city to withdraw remittance money sent by their loved ones.


Philippines’ Security Bank economist Patrick Ella revealed that remittances spiked by 13-14% during the months that followed the country’s 10 deadliest typhoons. If that percentage was based on last year’s remittances, then that amount is roughly worth $2.3 billion.


While many OFWs have chosen to send money to their families in Visayas who have lost all their belongings to the typhoon, some have chosen to leave their jobs and return home with money and emotional support.


One of these is Gina Ladrera, who thankfully was able to find her family in Tanauan safe from the typhoon. However, like many OFWs, she still plans to work abroad to better provide for her family now in the time of need.



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