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Online complaints form against French police launched

by FFE EU News staff


The Inspectorate-General of the National Police, France’s “police of the police,” has just launched a new online form on Monday that will streamline the process of reporting abusive police.


The goal, according to French Interior Minister Manuel Valls, is to bring France’s police and its people closer together, and makes the forces of law and order “more transparent.”

In the past, police complaints were sent by only by mail processed in the Inspectorate-General of the Services in Paris.


Manuel Valls has been French Interior Minister since May 2012


IGNP head Marie-France Monéger said that the new platform “isn’t intended to deal with the most serious [abuses], but to better organize [complaints].”

“It’s also a way for us to find out what users won’t put up with from the police.”


Those who submit a complaint however are required to leave their full name, address, phone number and date and place of birth to prevent troublemakers from submitting false statements. Anyone who is found to send a false report may land with a five-year prison sentence and a €45,000 fine.


The inspectorate-general are expecting that the new system will increase the number of complaints they will be processing. Under the old system, some 2,700 complaints were filed in the year 2012 alone.


The interior minister has made relations between the police and the public a priority after news of alleged police misconduct in July and August sparked public outrage.



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