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Online dating for Dummies

Many people are now turning to online dating websites to meet new people, go out and possibly find that one who could be their forever. This is thanks to smartphones, tablets and the conveniences of the internet.


Finding the love of your life is now just a click away with online dating sites. Though there are some who cannot find the appeal in online dating, there are still a number of success stories from couples who have made a great match. But how did they do that? How can they manage to find true love on the internet?


Here are some precautionary tips for those who want to be successful in finding true love online:



People will leave you hanging. Etiquette is better managed in the real world. Unfortunately, this does not translate well online. Send a message and they might ignore it. Chat them up and they might just leave the thread. Exchange emails and they might forget to send a reply.


Precaution: Being rude is an internet norm that should be accepted. Technology may make different ways of communication very accessible for us. But this does not automatically mean that the person will always keep in touch.


Not everyone is telling the truth. When we meet people face to face, what we see is what we get. Not so in online dating sites. People could leave out information, lie about certain details or not update their profiles and avatars, leading us to create false expectations of people.


Precaution: Don’t assume everything written on a profile page is true. Instead, use the information in the profiles only to start a conversation with the person and from there explore and get to know him or her more.




The profile is different from the person. Profiles focus only on basic information like height, weight, interests, sports, books and movies… things that can be read in a birth certificate or a Facebook user’s Information page. But there is so much more to people than just these.


Precaution: Always have a flexible view of the people you meet through dating sites. Profiles are only the tip of the iceberg and do not really reveal important things like how the person behaves in relationships, how they would face your family and friends and other things.


Do your research. Okay, you’ve read and re-read every piece of information written in a person’s profile. It’s time to expand your horizons. Talk to mutual friends. Do a simple Google search on the person and see what comes up. Some other sites to visit are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Precaution: Poking around on the person’s other online accounts isn’t harmful, especially since these sites are public. Read the person’s posts, comments, view, likes and followers. Social media can reveal more about the person’s attitude towards others as compared to just relying on the online dating site’s static profiles.



Take things to the real world. Online dating doesn’t mean confining everything to the online sphere. Ask the person out. That way, you can extend the relationship to physical realm, bringing the relationship to a whole new realm and more closer to the real world.


Precaution: Many would think bringing the relationship to the real world can ruin everything that’s already been built through chats and video calls. But to see a person’s true self, meeting them is a must.


Follow your instincts and your brains. The intentions of the people who use online dating sites are wide and varied. Some are in it to look for long-term relationships while some are in it for a quick hook-up. Some may even be in it with the sole purpose of taking advantage of their dates.


Precaution: If the person makes you feel uncomfortable, drop them. If you feel that there is something wrong or inconsistent with the person’s story, ask questions. Use your instincts to identify the person’s character and your brains to assess if going out with the person will be safe. Double dates in public places will also boost your safety during a date.



Be yourself. Honesty is still the best policy in dating sites. If you are using them to look for true love, then true love won’t begin without a grain of truth in your profile and in the information you share about you. Lying never fails to backfire.


Precaution: Just give the right amount of information in public profile and leave the rest for the person to find out during the date.


Finally, the most basic precaution to remember for first timers is to stop from falling in love with a profile. Instead, fall in love with the real person behind the profile.  Dating sites work by searching for compatibilities between two people. But they can never figure out the formula behind real chemistries that exist between people who are meant for each other.


The time you will be spending to look for the one within thousands of profiles will be exhausting. But remember not to give up since online dating sites still have potentials to lead you to the love of your life.



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