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‘Paella police’ protests global prostitution of famous Dish

‘Paella police’ recoils at global prostitution of iconic Dish

Guardians of the authentic Valencia rice dish are slamming paella wannabes.


by FFE EU News Staff


Valencia, Spain’s iconic yellow rice dish paella is so popular it has spawned a dedicated following around the globe, including the Philippines whose chefs attempted to create the biggest paella in 2012.


But not everyone had been sticking to the ingredients of the authentic paella, and this has got a group of Spanish advertisers saying ‘enough!’


Guillermo Navarro, Paco Alonso and José Maza have launched ‘Wikipaella’ a website-cum-advocacy that wants to correct those who commit crimes against paella by substituting ingredients or peddling cheap imitations. Wikipaella aims to bring back the authentic, traditional Valencia paella to the spotlight.


The founding members said that paella is being prostituted in Spain and abroad: in Britain and America, chefs add chorizo and tout the imitation as ‘real Spanish paella’ while Mexican chefs garnish theirs with avocado.


The dish is also not safe from vandalism within Valencia as some are adding poached eggs into the dish. Worse, some labelled ‘authentic paella’ come in frosted plates that are ready-to-eat once microwaved.


According to Wikipaella, the true paella should respect its roots. Only ‘Km0’ ingredients should be used, including snails, rabbit, bomba rice from Ebro Delta, saffron and more.


To bring this knowledge to the public, the founders have created the Wikipaella website that ensures people have access to the authentic paella by ‘creat[ing] tools to help people participate in an active way.’


Wikipaella also aims to shame those who are touting imitation paellas, and praise those who stick true to the traditional ingredients. Chefs who get the approval of Wikipaella must vow to ‘carry paella in our hearts, and travel with it as far as we can.’


The website is still in beta version, but paella lovers can already register to join the community.



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