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PAL reconnects Manila and Europe with direct Flights

There’s no stopping Philippine Airlines (PAL) as it launched its five per week direct flights service to

London on Monday.

It was more than 15 years ago since PAL dropped its Manila-London route due to the Asian Financial

Crisis. The restoration of the airline’s direct flight service has been welcome news since the EU lifted its

ban on Philippine carriers.

The Manila-London route is now the first and only direct flight service connecting Manila and Europe

since Lufthansa and KLM pulled out its non-stop flights in 2012. Now that PAL has renewed its presence

in Europe, Filipinos in the region can rely on the country’s premier to deliver quality, non-stop flights to

and from the Philippines.

According to PAL president Ramon S. Ang, the next stop for PAL would be flights to Paris, Rome and

Amsterdam in France, Italy and the Netherlands respectively by 2014. The airline president added that

Frankfurt, Germany will be the next key city to target since the city’s trains can be accessed throughout


PAL is currently seeking an over-flight permit from the Russian Embassy in Manila, which can cut the 15-

hour Manila-London flight time by two hours. A possible direct service to Moscow may also soon be in

the works.

The airline expects more overseas Filipino workers to benefit from the non-stop flights. Tourism is

also one of its goals as the planes to be used, like the B777-300ER, are wider, more comfortable and


‘This will promote tourism and investments from the UK and it would make it more convenient for

passengers not to take other planes because they can fly non-stop at very competitive fare,’ said Ang.

British Ambassador to Manila Asif Ahmad was happy with the news, saying: ‘We are inviting everyone

to go to London. Direct flight is possible between Manila and London. It is easier to be with the Filipinos,

their families and friends because travel time is shorter.’

Ang expects that the 60,234 arrivals from the UK during the first half of 2013 will easily boost in number

now that PAL is offering direct flights.



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