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Parents of obese, drunk kids to be Punished


12jun parents punished


Parenting gets a nudge toward a healthier direction in Britain and Spain which impose fines on parents whose children are obese or binge drinkers. Parents of such kids are deemed cruel or neglectful, and laws are imposing punishments to get the parents properly lectured.


One couple in Britain got a wake-up call after they were arrested by police on suspicion of cruelty and neglect. The reason for their arrest was that they allowed their child to be obese with a BMI of 41.8, 16 points above the normal BMI weight of 18.5 to 24.9. The couple, native of Norfolk, was arrested in March after concerned teachers and doctors prompted action from the police.


The police said that interventions of that level are rare, but that they do happen ‘When dealing with sensitive issues such as obesity and neglect of children. Any action … will always be taken with the welfare of the child and their protection from harm as paramount.’


The couple had to pay bail for their release.


A similar law is currently being drafted in Spain, this time on parents who knowingly allow their under-18 children to get drunk.


The anti-alcoholism draft bill aims to reduce the number of minors attending alcohol-fuelled social gatherings called botellón and minors who are binge drinkers. The fine for the neglectful parents is €300.


Once the draft bill is passed, other measures aimed to impose greater drinking ban among the youth will be implemented, such as:

  • €600,000 fine for establishments (supermarkets, nighclubs, bars) caught selling alcohol to minors
  • Reduced penalty for beers and wines versus spirits like rum or whisky
  • Ban of alcohol advertisements 100 metres from schools
  • Ban of alcohol consumption near public spaces that cater to children and teens





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