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Paris spends a hefty €4M a day to keep pollution Low

Paris spends a hefty €4M a day to keep pollution Low

Driving restriction eased as air pollution level drops.


After air pollution levels registered a drop, Paris authorities did not hesitate to ease the driving restriction in the region of Île-de-France. This came around the same time authorities revealed they were spending €4m a day to keep public transportation free of charge.


The driving restrictions had been loosened yesterday, but the new scheme allows vehicle use in alternate days depending on the licence plate number. This resulted to 3,800 fines issued to non-conforming drivers. Police also reported a reduction of traffic jams in Paris by 25% and of jams at the city gateways by 60%.


Meanwhile, state railway company SNCF warned passengers that the driving restrictions and free transport days have led to cramped trains.


Since last week Paris has been dealing with dangerous levels of air pollution, prompting authorities to tighten the police’s ticketing scheme and to implement free public transportation days to coax the French out of their cars.


Transport authority STIF head Jean-Paul Huchon revealed that Île-de-France authorities are footing the bill. But he added that he will call on the government to help with costs if the scheme will still be needed.



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