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Parisians says no to another McDonald’s

by FFE EU News Staff


Residents of the Rue Montorgueil have successfully dumped a bid to build a 3-storey McDonald’s in their neighbourhood.


City authorities have rejected the American fast food chain’s application to install a restaurant on Rue Montorgueil in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement as hundreds of protesters turned up on Sunday. A statement released by local authorities reads ‘Jacques Boutault, mayor of the 2nd arrondissement, along with Green party officials, is delighted that the city of Paris has confirmed its unfavourable ruling regarding the installation of a McDonald’s on rue Montorgueil.



‘This rejection is in keeping with the mobilisation of citizens, parents of schoolchildren, and residents, who opposed this project from the beginning.’


Rue Montorgueil has long been praised for its old-world charm with little cafes, cheesemongers and wine shops lining the pedestrianised street. McDonald’s planned to set up shop at the corner of Rue Réamur and Rue des Petits-Carreaux which turns to Rue Montorgueil to the south.


Upon hearing of the plan, ‘Pas de McDo à Montorgueil’ which managed to garner 400 signatures against the project, was established. Its statement said it decried ‘the spread of soulless chains in the Montorgueil neighbourhood, and in historic Paris at large.’


Rue Montorgueil is already home to other chain restaurants like Belgian burger joint Quick and American coffee giant Starbucks, but it seemed that allowing McDonald’s to own a corner in the neighbourhood was pushing it too far.


In contrast, another fast food competitor, Burger King, had successfully broken into the French market. It plans to erect 400 more stores across France.


The magazine Le Point pointed out that, despite its proud food heritage, France is slowly taking a bite at the fast food market: ‘In the land of gastronomy, fast food has become the king.’ Lately, food like hamburgers and pizzas has been topping the charts versus traditional meals.





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