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No more ‘pasaway’ if these proposed laws get Support

No more ‘pasaway’ if these proposed laws get Support

Ordinances against peeing in public and cutting in line seen to put errant Filipinos in their right place.


Philippine lawmakers are now targetting bad behaviour.


A proposed ordinance from a local lawmaker in Quezon and a House Bill by two congressmen are targetting two nasty Filipino behaviours: peeing in public and jumping queues.


Ako Bicol party Representatives Christopher Co and Rodel Batocabe proposed an extension of the Anti-wang-wang law to people through the ‘anti-pasaway’ bill. Through this new bill, people cutting lines through threats, use of force, reputation and disorder will be punished with a fine or imprisonment.


The anti-pasaway bill also covers items like vehicles and goods. It grants exemptions to senior citizens, pregnant women and others.


Meanwhile, Quezon 2nd District Board Member Elizabeth Sio’s proposed ordinance targets men peeing in public. In a privilege speech on Monday’s Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Sio revealed that the proposal was based on existing laws on health and sanitation and protection of environment.


In her ordinance, portalets and urinals are to be constructed in strategic places for men who want to pee. Disposing of human waste in rivers is also prohibited by the ordinance.


Both proposed laws aim to enforce values like patience, respect, peace and order. The congressmen added that the anti-pasaway law ‘leads to a culture and social behavior of self-control and self-discipline that are important social and cultural factors in curbing  corruption, harassment and oppression.’



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