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Passionate Italian couple set new kissing record

by FFE EU News staff

Photo source: Paolo Pedrinazzi

Diving partners Paolo Pedrinazzi and Elena Colombo may have just set a new record worthy of a spot in the Guinness. Pedrinazzi and Colombo wanted to show their passion for diving and for each other by an underwater kiss off Lake Garda in Italy.

Their breathless lip-lock lasted for 35 seconds 30 metres below the surface of the lake, which set diving organisation A.s.d. Apnea Italia calling for a Guinness verification. Once verified, the couple’s kiss will be the deepest ever shared underwater.

The couple said they aimed for awareness for the sport of holding one’s breath underwater, one of Pedrinazzi’s ‘great passion.’

He said the most difficult thing was coordination, as ‘It’s difficult to both be ready at the same time and take the last breath together.’ The cold and darkness added more challenge to their stint.

After resurfacing, Pedrinazzi said they managed to ‘savour our little moment of glory’ before racing for a hot shower. He and Colombo are now back in training.



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