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PH fibres to weave through Italy’s fashion scene

The much-coveted piña fibre gets a new look in a show in Italy.


From urban to bohemian, Philippine fibres are given a modern twist by designers in ‘Fibre Filippine (Piña-Abaca-Banana) Go to Rome,’ a special Oct. 17-20 show at Aranciera di San Sisto, Via Valle delle Camene.


Photo source: PDI


Organised by the Philippine Embassy in Rome and European Network of Filipinos in Diaspora, the show features pieces from designers who specialise in indigenous Philippine fibres.


Beauty-queen outfitter Renée Salud has applied his background in draping and pattern-making to the age-old maria clara look: ‘I made a modern interpretation of the maria clara with a Japanese structure.’


His piña miniskirts are voluminous, and he gives the barong tagalog a quiet power with a ‘tone-on-tone embroidery.’


Art and design school Central St. Martins graduate Twinkle Ferraren meanwhile is working on piña cover-ups and overlays, creating a hip, urban look. She has partnered with artisans from Aklan and with T’boli weavers for her designs in the Italian collection.


Patis Tesorio is drawing inspiration from the bohemian look to style indigenous fabrics like Mindanao silk and piña into flattering gowns.


She said ‘My look is Bohemian Filipiniana, more easy to wear, lighter and fun. It still has all the elements of piña, embroidery, callado and embellishments that are intrinsically Filipino.’


‘Wrap Artiste’ of the Philippines Dita Sandico is working with her signature ‘banaca’ fibre – a mixture of banana and abaca – to create tops, skirts, jackets, dresses and collars that complement the body’s natural contours.


Jaki Peñalosa emphasises silhouettes, asymmetry and layering in her pieces. She comes from a family of hablon and piña weavers in Visayas, and has been making a name for herself by using traditional fibres in contemporary fashion.



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