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Philippine health department gives tips vs intoxication from canned goods

The Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines has issued a number of tips that will help buyers detect spoiled canned goods. This is done in a bid to prevent food intoxication from eating contaminated food products.

FDA is under the Department of Health

The FDA cautions the public to be vigilant in what they buy. Checking for the integrity of the containers is important as any damage can produce pin-size holes too small to detect by customers but enough for bacteria to thrive.

They explained that canned goods are sealed to prevent air and bacteria from contaminating and spoiling the food. Metal foils and aluminum cans are used for this purpose.

Indications of a possible contamination are listed by the FDA. Buyers should check for dents, damage, bulging and rusting along the seams of cans and labels as these are indications of contamination, improper storage and mishandling.





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