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Great Women in Philippine History

kuyarolly300My wife Elvira is one tough cookie. How she would thunder and scold to get her way! But that is her passion and her wonder: my whirlwind life has been colourful, but she has made it more vibrant and meaningful than it would’ve been without her.


The same goes for the history of the Philippines which has been influenced, moved and shaken by many women who made a difference. This day’s history special is dedicated to them.


In focus is March which is known in the Philippines, according to Presidential Proclamation No. 227, as ‘Women’s Role in History Month.’


Enjoy the ride!


International Women’s Day (IWD)

Before we talk about how Women’s Month began in the Philippines, let’s take a look at what was happening on the other side of the world when women were just beginning to fight for their rights.


The celebration of women’s achievements can be traced to the Women’s Day celebrations around America beginning 1908. IWD, originally called the International Working Women’s Day and patterned after the American celebrations, was soon adopted in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland in the 1910s.


 Great Women in PH History 1


IWD in Europe was significant because it started to give Women’s Day celebrations a political flavour and was used as a tool by women to uphold their right to vote and attain equal rights.


Around that time, the feminist sentiment boarded a ship and reached the Philippine shores. In 1907, Filipinas started to invoke their right to vote and they slugged it out against the male-dominated legislative body for 30 years until the Women’s Suffrage Bill was passed in 1937.


After the suffrage debate was resolved, Filipinas and women around the world moved on to broader issues that affected them, including reproductive health, gender equality, violence, greater job opportunities and so much more. In the global level, the United Nations recognised the need to protect women against discrimination and declared the year 1975 as International Women’s Year and 1976–1985 as the Decade for Women.


International Women’s Day as it is celebrated worldwide today was made official in 1975. 8 March was the chosen day of celebration.


Women’s Month in the Philippines

The passage of a Women’s Month in the Philippines began in the unlikeliest of times: the Martial Law years.


In connection with the UN’s actions, President Ferdinand Marcos signed Presidential Decree No. 633 on 7 January 1975 which created the National Commission on the Role of the Filipino Women (now Philippine Commission on Women or PCW). The decree was also the first in the Philippines that recognised the Filipina’s contribution to the nation and the need to promote equality between men and women.  Its basic roles were:


  • to promote economic, social and political empowerment of women and
  • to review and implement laws regarding women.


Greater women empowerment was later supported by President Corazon Aquino with the signing of the Presidential Proclamation No. 227 on 17 March 1988 that made March officially ‘Women’s Role in History Month.’


One of the outcome of PP No. 227 was it gave PCW the role of spearheading Women’s Month in the country through contests, exhibits, awards and other activities.


 Great Women in PH History 2


Today, Women’s Month is reserved to remember and celebrate Filipinas, regardless of background, who have strengthened the nation. During March, we are given the opportunity to recognise the value of Filipinas as social movers and as the foundation of our economy.


Prominent Filipinas in history

History has proven the importance of women in our society by giving us stories of their courage, intelligence and achievements. I am very happy to say there are plenty of Filipinas who have changed the face of Philippine history…even too many to mention! But let me just name a few:


 Great Women in PH History 3

Gabriela Cariño Silang

National Hero (1731 1763)

Considered a national hero; the ‘Joan of Arc of Ilocandia;’ la Generala of Ilocano uprisings against the Spanish Empire

 Great Women in PH History 4

Melchora Aquino (Tandang Sora)

National Hero (1812 1919)

Considered a hero of the revolution; ‘Grand Woman of the Revolution;’ ‘Mother of Balintawak;’ ‘Mother of the Katipunan;’ ‘Mother of the Philippine Revolution’

 Great Women in PH History 5

Josefa Llanes Escoda

Civic participation (1898 1945)

Founder of Girl Scouts of the Philippines; advocate of women’s suffrage


 Great Women in PH History 6

Fe del Mundo

Medicine (1911 2011)

National Scientist of the Philippines; pioneered pediatric care in the country; first woman admitted as student in Harvard Medical School; founder of Children’s Medical Centre; Order of Lakandula; Ramon Magsaysay Awardee

 Great Women in PH History 7

Estefania Aldaba-Lim

Medicine and Politics (1917 2006)

First Filipina psychologist; first woman to become Cabinet secretary as head of the Department of Social Services and Development (now known as DSWD); founding member of Philippine Mental Health; founding member of Museo Pambata Association; assistant secretary general for the UN

 Great Women in PH History 8

Imelda Marcos

Politics (1929)

Incumbent Ilocos 2nd District Congresswoman; former Leyte 1st District Congresswoman; former First Lady of the Philippines; former Governor of Metro Manila

Great Women in PH History 9

Corazon Aquino

Politics (1933 2009)

11th President of the Philippines; First female president of the Philippines; ‘Icon of Philippine Democracy;’ Time Magazine’s 1986 ‘Woman of the Year’

Great Women in PH History 10

 Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Politics (1945)

Incumbent Senator; Incumbent Judge of the International Criminal Court; former Secretary of Agrarian Reform; former Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation; founder and leader of People’s Reform Party; Ramon Magsaysay Awardee


Great Women in PH History 11

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Politics (1947)

Incumbent Pampanga 2nd District Congresswoman; 14th President of the Philippines; 12th Vice President of the Philippines; former Secretary of National Defence; former Secretary of DSWD; former Senator

 Great Women in PH History 12

Gloria Diaz

Beauty and Arts – Film (1951)

Miss Universe 1969; first Filipino to win Miss Universe; FAMAS Best Supporting Actress awardee

 Great Women in PH History 13

Nora Aunor

Arts – Film and Music (1953)

 ‘Superstar;’ first Philippine ‘Box Office Queen;’ FAMAS Hall of Famer; 5-time FAMAS Best Actress awardee; 7-time Gawad Urian awardee; 8-time PMPC Star Awardee; 8-time MMFF awardee; Centennial Honour for the Arts awardee; TOWNS awardee for the Arts; Ani ng Dangal Awardee; winner of various Asian  and European awards (Russia, Italy, Belgium, Malaysia, Egypt, France); first Filipino to win an international acting award; first Filipino to receive an acting nomination for a top-tier international film festival; most number of singles in Philippine recording history

 Great Women in PH History 14

Cecile Licad

Arts – Music (1961)

Virtuoso classical pianist; The New Yorker’s ‘Pianist’s Pianist;’ Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra soloist; Leventritt Competition Gold Medalist; Grand Prix du Disque Frédéric Chopin awardee

 Great Women in PH History 15

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde

Arts – Ballet (1964)

Philippine’s first Prima Ballerina; first foreign soloist to join Russia’s Mariinsky Ballet; Vice Chairman of UNESCO-Philippines National Commission; Artistic Director of Ballet Manila; former Commissioner of PCW

 Great Women in PH History 16

Lydia de Vega-Mercado

Sports – Sprinting (1964)

‘Asia’s Fastest Woman;’ ‘Asia’s Sprint Queen;’ 3-time Southeast Asian Games Gold Medalist; 4-time Asian Athletics Championships Gold Medalist; Philippine and Southeast Asia record-holder for personal best; 2-time Olympian; 1982 New Delhi Asiad Gold Medalist; 1986 Seoul Asiad Gold and Silver Medalist;

 Great Women in PH History 17

Lea Salonga

Arts – Music, Film and Theatre (1971)

Laurence Olivier Awardee; Tony Awardee; first Asian actress to play Eponine and Fantine in Broadway’s ‘Les Miserables;’ multi-awarded actress for ‘Miss Saigon;’ first Filipino to be signed in an international recording label; first Philippine-based singer to have a major album distribution in America; 3-time Aliw Awards Best Child Performer; Presidential Award of Merit recipient; Order of Lakandula Awardee

 Great Women in PH History 18

Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski

Sports – Equestrian (1974)

2002 Asian Games Gold Medalist; member of the 125th International Olympic Committee Session

These names are just the tip of the iceberg; there are plenty more which stand at the bylines of history. There are also those who completely do not believe they have made a difference, but have proven their worth to the nation simply by embracing their roles as mothers and sisters. Why, take a look in the mirror and you can see one!


 Great Women in PH History 19


The modern Filipina

Even as we recognise the significance of women in Philippine history, March more importantly serves to remind us to act upon improving the conditions of women today for the sake of our future. Here are some of the latest facts regarding the modern Filipina’s condition:


 Great Women in PH History 20Great Women in PH History 21Great Women in PH History 22Great Women in PH History 23Great Women in PH History 24Great Women in PH History 25


Today, the Filipina is challenged to take on greater roles for her self-fulfillment and for progress in the name of our country. She can pursue any degree, can apply for any job and can do anything she wants. I am thankful that the attitudes on women here in our country is more liberated compared to countries were women are severely restricted to the home. This is a blessing not just for the women in our country, but for the men who depend on them.


Great Women in PH History 26

Maria Clara was Rizal’s ideal woman. Is it still true today? Share your opinion below!


To all my lady readers, mabuhay kayo!  You may agree or not with my list of distinguished Filipinas, but these women are just actually some of the many Filipino women that had and are making us proud as a Filipino.

Now, I’m going to find Elvira and celebrate her month the way she likes it, with a bit of attention and a whole lot of intelligent conversation. See you in our next chapter in history!



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