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Philippine resolution gives accessible voting precincts for seniors, PWDs

by FFE PH News staff

The Commission on Elections has just approved Resolution No. 9763 authorising the establishment of precincts in accessible polling places for senior citizens and PWDs.

During the previous elections, a number of seniors and PWDs were not able to vote because they had difficulty reaching their voting precincts. The resolution, or the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act No. 10366, was passed to give seniors and PWDs easier access to polling precincts.

Under the new rules, registered senior citizens and PWDs may choose to be assigned to an accessible polling precinct. During the registration period, the applicants must specify their disability and the assistance they need on Election Day. The Comelec also has set up express lanes for seniors, PWDs and pregnant women for ease of application.

The resolution states that “In the event that no Person with Disability or Senior Citizen registered voter manifests an intention to be assigned to an accessible precinct, as stated in Section 7, they shall remain in their regular precinct but their polling places shall, whenever practicable, be located at the ground floor which shall be made compliant with the requirements of an Accessible Polling Place.”


Waiting areas shall also be set up near the polling place.



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