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How does the Philippines fare in gadget use vs. other countries?

Global market research company Millward Brown just released its 2014 ‘AdReaction: Marketing in a multiscreen world’ report that revealed some surprising statistics about screen use in the Philippines and around the world.


In the study, ‘screens’ refers to TV, smartphones, laptop and tablets. The company wanted to know the multiscreen behaviour of 12,000 gadget users across 30 countries through a 15-question survey. While the goal of the survey was to look at users’ reactions to ads on different platforms, the study nevertheless revealed important figures when it came to screen use in the Philippines.


According to the report, the Philippines ranks second worldwide when it came to most minutes spent using screens at 531 minutes (or more than 8 hours) a day, a few minutes behind Indonesia’s 540 minutes. European countries use their devices less, with Britain registering 411 minutes, Spain at 396 minutes, Germany at 379 minutes, France at 326 minutes and Italy at 317 minutes.


How does the Philippines fare in gadget use vs. other countries?

In the Philippines, the most used type of screen is the smartphone (174 minutes), followed by the laptop, tablet and TV.


Smartphone use in the Philippines is also greater than most European countries, where Britain scored 55 minutes, Spain 53 minutes, Germany 36 minutes, Italy 34 minutes and France 30 minutes. However in the global rankings, the Philippines comes only fourth in smartphone use behind Nigeria (193 minutes), Indonesia (181 minutes) and Kenya (174 minutes).


Meanwhile, the Philippines tops the world in tablet use at 115 minutes. Those which rank next are Indonesia (110 minutes), Thailand (95 minutes), Czech Republic (70 minutes) and Russia (66 minutes). The countries that use tablets the least are Japan (15 minutes) and South Korea (14 minutes).


Smartphone ownership and use among Filipinos has jumped in the recent years According to a 2013 study by German market research firm GfK, smartphone take-up rate in the Philippines was measured at 146%. 5.754 million smartphones were also sold from April 2012 to March 2013. The jump has been attributed to the Filipinos penchant for texting and for using social media sites.



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