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Pinay artist Tina Heiter holds art exhibit in Zurich

Switzerland-based Filipino artist Tina Heiter recently opened her art exhibit at the Galerie am Schanzengraben in Zurich.

Entitled 'New Impressions,' the exhibit was attended by 70 people on its opening day on September 25, a news release of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.

The exhibit features 28 pieces, the product of Heiter's three years of hard work.

Heiter used is a combination of expressionism and abstraction in acrylic and mixed media.

Meanwhile, First Secretary and Consul Tess Lazaro of the Philippine Embassy said, "It's a pleasure and pride for the Philippine Embassy to witness the opening of an exhibit by a Filipino artist like Tina. As you are probably not aware, the Philippines has, perhaps, one of the most dynamic artistic communities in Southeast Asia."

"This is largely due to our diverse culture, which has come under the influence of so many cultures," Lazaro added.

Lazaro also observed the craftsmanship in the works of Heiter.

"Tina's works on exhibit today are a product of her studies. They mirror her growth as an artist and the techniques and styles she has developed along the way," she said.

"I hope that you will all enjoy Tina's works and view them as her journey as an artist," she added.

Roots and achievements

Heiter was born in the island of Jolo, Sulu, Philippines and grew up in Iligan City, Mindanao.

According to her official website, Heiter first learned art through the mentorship of Sylvia Amorsolo, daughter of Philippine National Artists Fernando Amorsolo.

She then studied and graduated from Maryknoll College (Miriam College) with a degree in Bachelor of Arts majoring in Foreign Service History.

After school she took a short course in Chinese painting which she didn't like and quenched her interest for art.

In the 1980's she met Andreas Heiter, a Swiss national who became her husband.

They moved to Zurich in the late 1987 which led to the renewed interest of Heiter with art upon being inspired by Swiss artists.

Heiter has had 12 art exhibits since 1994:

  • 2012 Zurich, Galerie am Schanzengraben
  • 2011 Palm Desert USA, Sun City/Group Exhibit
  • 2010 Elgg, Kunstszene Elgg
  • 2008 Winterthur, Volg Verteilzentrum
  • 2008 Zurich, Galerie am Schanzengraben
  • 2006 Zurich, Galerie am Schanzengraben
  • 2003 Winterthur-Ohringen, Malerwerkstatten H. Schmid
  • 2002 Eglisau, Restaurank
  • 2000 Winterthur, Kantonsspital
  • 1998 Winterthur, Hotel Wartmann
  • 1995 Winterthur, Bruhlgut Forum
  • 1994 Elgg, Kirchenzentrum




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