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Pinoy’s top concern today is fighting Graft

by FFE PH News staff

Fighting graft is now the most urgent issue among a majority of Filipinos. 48% say that fighting corruption should be on the top agenda of the government, a change of 17 points from last year’s survey.

Pulse Asia Research Inc. conducted the survey from 14 to 27 September among 1,200 Filipinos in a face-to-face interview. The respondents were asked to rate 10 national issues according to the most urgent. They were also asked to rate the Aquino government’s performance on the issues.

47% of respondents said they approved government measures to fight corruption while 27% disapproved, resulting in a net approval rating of 20%. Compared to a similar survey in March, the approval score dipped by 12% while disapproval score rose by 16%.

Pulse Asia suggested that the level of public concern on corruption intensified following the pork barrel scam expose between June and September.

Board member Earl Parreño of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reform explained that ‘The administration succeeded in communicating its anticorruption policy. The problem is in the implementation of this policy. This is where the administration’s efforts are wanting.’

He added that the heads of agencies implementing government projects and local government officials must follow the government’s anti-corruption policy to improve the government’s image.

Aside from fighting corruption, Filipinos were concerned with controlling inflation (48%), increasing salaries (46%) and creating jobs (42%). 3 in 10 Filipinos also said reducing poverty is an urgent national concern.

A smaller percentage said the following were their concerns: peace (22%), rule of law (18%), crime (17%) and environment degradation (15%). Only 11% were concerned with population growth, making it the least urgent of the issues.



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