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Piolo overwhelmed by success of ‘Starting Over Again’

by FFE Entertainment News Staff


Piolo overwhelmed at success of ‘Starting Over Again’

Piolo Pascual gives a blow-by-blow account of the success of his film with Toni Gonzaga.


Piolo Pascual has been keeping his Twitter fans up to date on the growing success of his most recent Valentine’s movie with Toni Gonzaga entitled ‘Starting Over Again.’


The success of the movie became apparent when, just on its fifth day of release, it surpassed the Php200m mark and is showing in almost 300 cinemas nationwide.


Starting Over Again, directed by Olivia Lamasan which opened last 12 February, is a romantic-comedy movie about ex-lovers ready to give the other a second chance.


On premier morning, Piolo tweeted ‘10AM and we’re trending already.. Tag me when you watch! I’ll try my best to retweet. #StartingOverAgain’


By 6pm, he advised his fans to look at schedules: ‘#StartingOverAgain now showing! Most of the evening screenings for today are sold out so pls check ahead of time!…’


At 9pm, Piolo tweeted ‘#StartingOverAgain #SoldOut.’ That night, the film grossed Php10m.


The 37-year-old actor also couldn’t get enough of the success of the film by retweeting photos of long queues in cinemas around the country:


Piolo overwhelmed at success of ‘Starting Over Again’


Piolo overwhelmed at success of ‘Starting Over Again’


Piolo overwhelmed at success of ‘Starting Over Again’


Piolo overwhelmed at success of ‘Starting Over Again’


Fan or not fan of the Piolo-Toni tandem, which dates back more than ten years ago in the Sprite commercial ‘I love you Piolo’ that launched Toni’s showbiz career, many of those who watched Starting Over Again fell in love with the movie in many ways. Praises for the film are all over Twitterverse:


‘#StartingOverAgain.. Nice story, great script! Nd most of all great ending!!! Realistic.. kudos to the peeps behind this film,’ said @audzadriano.


‘Piolo Pascual. Wow. Just… wow. #StartingOverAgain,’ said @arriane_.


‘Im a huge Piolo fan, and I say #StartingOverAgain is one of my favorite movies of him. Unoubtedly, he still is the country’s leading man. :) ’ said @alexmonton.


Many people said they related to Marco and Ginny’s love story, which made it a huge success. Others congratulated the cast and crew as the film hit blockbuster status. It was announced that the movie will also be screened in America, Canada, Middle East and Australia. More screening dates will be released soon.


Watch the trailer of Starting Over Again:



What do you think about the Toni-Piolo tandem? Share your thoughts below.



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