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Poll reveals everyone’s afraid of Italian Drivers

Poll reveals everyone’s afraid of Italian Drivers

Survey on EU motorists show driving stereotypes among seven countries.


A poll by Paris-based research firm Ipsos revealed some stunning facts about EU drivers and how they compared their skills with others in the region.


When asked how they rated their skills behind the wheel, the drivers gave an average of 7.8 out of 10. Italians were especially generous by giving themselves a grade of 8 out of 10. But the irony is that 50% of EU drivers rated Italians the least responsible. Other reckless drivers include Spain (16%) and France (14%).


On the other hand, drivers that should be emulated are those in Sweden. Forty-seven percent said they trusted Swedish drivers, followed by Germans (26%) and the Brits (13%). Here are other interesting facts:


  • Drivers that are fond of hurling abusive language are the French and Germans, scoring 67% each.
  • Drivers who resort to blowing their horns when angry are the Spaniards (63%). The most mild-mannered are the Swedes (33%).
  • Drivers that often drive past the legal speed limit include the French and British
  • Drivers who use their phones at the wheel the most are Swedes (46%). The Italians also use their phones at the wheel, but most of them (66%) use hands-free kits.


When it came to safety, 78% of French drivers agree that driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is the biggest cause of death on the road.


The poll conducted on behalf of the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation covered 7,000 drivers in seven countries: Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden.



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