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Pope asks devotees to care for the Elderly

by FFE Entertainment News staff


Pope Francis



Pope Francis denounced the tendency of people ‘to discard’ the elderly ‘because they are a bother’ on his early Tuesday Mass in St Martha’s House.


The pope said that we are now living in a society where the elderly have been set aside: ‘Why bother caring for the elderly, is a prevalent attitude.’


He added that people who forget their grandparents risk losing their memories and their future. This is because the elderly ‘are the ones who bring us history, who bring us doctrine, who bring us faith and our heritage.


The pope recounted a story from his childhood about a family and a grandfather. He said the grandfather always got food all over his face when he ate, and this angered the father. So as not to disturb the family, the father banished the grandfather to a separate table to eat.


One day, the father came home and found his children playing with a piece of wood. When the father asked what the wood was for, his son said ‘It’s for you, Dad, when you’re old like Grandpa.’


After sharing the tale, Pope Francis told his audience ‘This story has done me such good throughout my life.


‘Often old age isn’t pretty, right? There is sickness and all that, but the wisdom our grandparents have is something we must welcome as an inheritance.’


But grandparents, said the pope, are a treasure.


‘These are the ones who, like a good aged wine, bring us our noble heritage.’



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