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Pope: eco crisis opportunity to teach young not to worship Money


Pope-eco-crisis-opportunity-not-to-worship-money The Pope in Bolivia


(ANSA) – Rome, July 16 – Pope Francis said Thursday that many young people today are “at risk of discouragement, spiritual anemia, marginalization”. Ahead of the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco, Francis said in a letter that the 19th-century priest and educator was a role model in helping youth, particularly those who were disadvantaged. “Italy, Europe and the world in these two centuries have changed, but the soul of the youth has not: even today boys and girls are open to life and to encounter God and with others, but there are so many at risk”.


    St John Bosco, who was born near Turin, focused his work on helping street children and juvenile delinquents in the 19th century industrial capital.


    He founded the Salesian Society based on the teachings of St. Francis de Sales, a Genoa bishop.


    The pope added that the global economic crisis has caused “wounds” but is also an opportunity to help teach young people not to worship money and to instead fight inequity as Don Bosco would have taught.


    “The challenges of Turin of the nineteenth century have assumed a global dimension: idolatry of money, inequity that begets violence,” said Francis. with ANSA






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