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Population boost in Denmark is due to Migration

by FFE EU News Staff


Population boost in Denmark is due to Migration

Number of births is at an all-time low in Denmark.


Statistics Denmark revealed that the influx of migrants has been keeping Denmark’s population afloat and that the number of migrants has overtaken the number of new births in 2013.


Last year, 55,873 babies were born in Denmark, a 27-year record low for the country. Meanwhile, the number of migrants hit a record high last year with 56,276. This helped boost the net population of the country to 5,627,235 in 2013: 24,607 more than the figure in 2012.


The biggest number of migrants last year came from Romania at 4,398. They are followed by the Poles at 4,379. Americans are the third biggest group of migrants at 3,000, beating the Germans, Norwegians and Swedes. This boost in the country’s population is good news to Denmark as two separate reports said that migration has led to a net gain of over a billion kroner for the country.


Meanwhile, Copenhagen hospital Rigshospital commented that the falling birthrate was ‘approaching epidemic levels.’ Since 2000, the birthrate has fallen by 17%, the lowest among all Nordic countries.



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