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Post election clean up

Volunteers from the EcoWaste Coalition together with the Quezon City government undertake a clean up drive


MANILA, Philippines—The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) started Wednesday a massive cleanup to remove campaign materials that littered Metro Manila during the campaign period.



MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino personally led the first day of the clean-up operation around 4 a.m., getting rid of campaign posters and tarpaulins in streets and polling precincts.

At least 30 members of the MMDA’s Metro Parkway Clearing Group (MPCG) will take part in the activity with the agency deploying several heavy equipment such as dump trucks, manlifter and a fire truck.

The tidying up work is expected to last for two weeks, Tolentino said.

Tolentino said keeping the streets clean “is everyone’s responsibility,” but added that MMDA is leading the operation to fulfill its waste management and health and sanitation mandate.

In the 2010 presidential elections, 15 truckloads of waste, mostly composed of election garbage such as posters, tarpaulins, sample ballots and food containers, were collected by the MMDA.

Meanwhile, winning and losing candidates were urged to help in post-election clean-up efforts.

Chairman Francisco Duque III of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) said the public will appreciate seeing winning and losing candidates show sportsmanship, especially in the level of local governments.

“Now that election season is over, let us help clean up roads, streets, walls, and lampposts of posters and stickers,” he said.

Monday’s polls and the campaign period have left a lot of paper and plastic waste, he added.

Duque lauded public school teachers for their service during Monday’s polls.

“Every election, our public school teachers put their lives on the line to ensure that elections run smoothly,” he said.

Duque said public school teachers acting as members of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) are the frontliners in making clean and honest elections.



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